Young people are increasingly worried about privacy in the AI age

Concerns are only growing, says report

Younger consumers are more likely to exercise Data Subject Access Rights, according to a new Cisco study which found nearly half (42%) of 18-24 year-olds have done so compared with just 6% of 75 year-olds and older.

The number is on the up, too, at four percentage points higher in 2023 compared with 2022, suggesting growing concerns over data privacy.

Of the 2,600 consumer participants, almost two-thirds (62%) expressed their concern about how organizations could be using their personal data for AI.

Consumers are concerned about their personal data when using AI

Three in five stated that they had already lost trust in organizations because of their use of artificial intelligence, despite nearly half (48%) believing that AI could help to improve their lives.

In fact, 54% said that they would be willing to trade some anonymized personal data in return for the use of AI products, suggesting that the use of personal data is less of a worry than AI companies’ transparency.

Cisco EVP and Chief Legal Officer, Dev Stahlkopf, said: “The world is watching how companies will approach AI in a responsible way.”

The emergence of new technologies, including AI tools, correlates with an uptick in privacy concerns. One-third of the study’s respondents qualify as what Cisco is calling ‘privacy actives’ – they are willing to act to protect their privacy.

A growing number of consumers are also making data deletion requests, which is significantly more prevalent among younger consumers.

Overall, the study suggests that a consumer lack of trust is on the rise, and companies need to act to better inform their users. The blame isn’t entirely on large corporations, though, according to VP and Chief Privacy Officer Harvey Jang:

“As governments pass laws and companies seek to build trust, consumers must also take action and use technology responsibly to protect their own privacy.”

CISCO Study: Generation Privacy. Young Consumers Leading the Way

Craig Hale, Tech Radar

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