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AI Warfare
As Americans prepare to return to offices and other places of work, a new poll reveals that many worry about how long their jobs will last. Many office workers now believe the skills they’ve learned won’t be able to keep up in a world relying more and more on artificial intelligence. A study of 2,000 American office workers found that 53 percent fear their skills will be outdated in less than five years. They worry this makes them susceptible to being replaced by robots or other forms of artificial intelligence. The vastRead More
Eye robot
The classic eye exam may be about to get an upgrade. Researchers have developed an online vision test—fueled by artificial intelligence (AI)—that produces much more accurate diagnoses than the sheet of capital letters we’ve been staring at since the 19th century. If perfected, the test could also help patients with eye diseases track their vision at home. “It’s an intriguing idea” that reveals just how antiquated the classic eye test is, says Laura Green, an ophthalmologist at the Krieger Eye Institute. Green was not involved with the work, but sheRead More
Minority Report
A US government intelligence agency develops cutting-edge tech to predict future events. IARPA, a research arm of the U.S. government intelligence community, is focused on predicting the future. The organization uses teams of human non-experts and AI machine learning to forecast events. IARPA also conducts advanced research in numerous other fields, funding rotating programs. As far as secretive government projects go, the objectives of IARPA may be the riskiest and most far-reaching. With its mission to foster “high-risk, high-payoff” programs, this research arm of the U.S. intelligence community literally triesRead More
STOP reconocimiento facial
This week IBM, Microsoft and Amazon announced that they would suspend the sale of their facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies. It’s yet another sign of the dramatic impact of the protests for social justice. But the moves from the tech giants also illustrate the inherent risks of AI, especially when it comes to bias and the potential for invasion of privacy.  Note that there are already indications that Congress will take action to regulate the technology.  In the meantime, many cities have already instituted bans, such as SanRead More
Inteligencia Artificial
This article is part of our reviews of AI research papers, a series of posts that explore the latest findings in artificial intelligence. What makes us humans so good at making sense of visual data? That’s a question that has preoccupied artificial intelligence and computer vision scientists for decades. Efforts at reproducing the capabilities of human vision have so far yielded results that are commendable but still leave much to be desired. Our current artificial intelligence algorithms can detect objects in images with remarkable accuracy, but only after they’ve seen many (thousands orRead More
The future of work is no longer merely a concept, but a reality — Covid-19 has made sure of that. The pandemic has accelerated workplace innovation across sectors to the point of no return, with contemporary businesses now almost entirely reliant on new technologies simply to exist. What role, then, does artificial intelligence (AI) have to play in this drastic shift? For some time now, I’ve firmly maintained the belief that AI would take over the vast majority of process-driven work within 15 years. However, with years of key developmentsRead More
Toronto Sidewalk
The Quayside site is shown at bottom middle along Toronto’s waterfront in 2019, next to the Gardiner Expressway and some dark grey silos. Sidewalk Labs cited the coronavirus pandemic as a key reason for the project’s cancellation a year later. The coronavirus crisis has prompted governments everywhere to launch major technological initiatives at a frenetic pace. Many of the world’s most powerful tech companies have already chimed in. Yet earlier this month, Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs abandoned one of the most ambitious smart-city projects on the continent when it withdrewRead More
Fusión nuclear
When it comes to AI, much of the attention has been on deep learning. And for good reason. This part of the AI world has seen great strides, such as image recognition. But of course, there are other areas of AI that look promising, such as reinforcement learning. Keep in mind that cutting-edge companies like Google’s DeepMind and OpenAI have already made breakthroughs with this approach. So what is reinforcement learning? Well, interesting enough, it is not new.  “Reinforcement learning is a classic behavioral phenomenon, known in the psychology literature since theRead More
Today, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA, is kicking off the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Cybersecurity for Artificial Intelligence, marking another milestone in the Agency’s work on emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer in the realm of science fiction and futuristic scenarios. It is already changing everyday life, improving the provision of services by automating procedures and systems, and rapidly processing large amounts of data. AI has the potential to lead the digital transformation paradigm shift, and, in many ways, is already doing so. The benefits ofRead More
La Fuerza Aérea de los Estados Unidos (USAF) prepara un combate experimental. Uno de sus drones de combate se enfrentará a un avión pilotado, en un test que está planeado para realizarse en julio de 2021. Así lo ha confirmado Jack Shanahan, jefe del Centro de Inteligente Artificial del Pentágono estadounidense. “Es una idea muy muy atrevida”, ha explicado el teniente general. No es la primera vez que vemos a los Estados Unidos utilizar estos drones no tripulados para distintas operaciones militares, pero este test se realizaría con uno de sus nuevos aviones autónomos avanzados.Read More